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Re: Can adhesions make IBS worse?

Originally Posted by solofelix View Post
I have IBS and its interesting what one can-cannot eat/digest.
I have had to change my diet a lot. I cannot eat uncooked vegetables (I would die with the pain). Things like cakes/cookies and anything pastry lays like lead in my stomach.
Strangely I don't have a problem with fruit. What treatment do you take. I take Mebeverine and Domperidone.
I don't smoke and since having an Ulcer I cant drink either, What we go through!!..
I wish you well, Solofelix.
I was diagnosed with IBS over 20 years ago. My hernia repair/bowel resection was just about 2 years ago. Ever since that surgery and especially after the adhesions caused a partial blockage last year, there are some foods I can't eat. I used to be able to have broccoli, corn, peas and cauliflower, but I can no longer do so.

When I had carrots the other day, which I normally eat w/o any problems, some of them were undercooked. I wonder if that was the issue - in addition to the portion size???

I'm not currently taking any medication for my IBS but will discuss this issue with my md when I see her next week. Maybe she can put me on something. I'm using peppermint tea for now. That seems to help.

I've been under alot of stress too, and that could be another reason why my stomach feels like it's in knots sometimes.

Thanks for listening!

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