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When I started going through my blood sugar rollercoaster issues over a year ago, my primary doctor felt it was all in my head and prescribed me effexor (anti-anxiety meds).

I finally went to an endo doc who gave me a 3-hour glucose test and found me to be prediabetic and prescribed me 2 drugs that are for controlling high blood sugar (metformin and glyset). Had the docs ordered the 6-hour glucose test they would have realized that I am very much a reactive hypoglymic type and never have prescribed me drugs that only brought my sugar levels down even lower.

At the onset of all these problems, I got my first sinus infection of my life. Despite 6 rounds of antibiotics to date, it has not fully gone away.

I became disillusioned with the medical field and am now seeking help from a naturopath. Recently I received some abnormal lab results which showed I had elevated nuclear antibodies. I am going to ask my doctor to order these labs (ie, insulin antibodies, c-peptides, and mri)

I spike about 15-20 minutes after eating a meal (180 after eating cup brown rice , veggies and fish—I’m sure it would be WAY higher if I ever would eat refined carbs), and about 45 mins later I drop to low 80’s/ mid 70’s. Like you mentioned, I know these are not alarmingly low numbers but I feel like crud when they get close to 80, like I am going to bite anyone's head off that gets in my way. And when I eat again, I feel fine. Of course this means for me too that I am struggling keeping weight off.

Anyway, I would love to hear anyone resolved your blood sugar issues.
Thank you for your time.

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