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Re: Is this considered rape?

I am also very sorry this happened to you.if you have to ask,you probabaly already knw what the answer is-YES,,you were raped.Just because you didnt fight back doesnt mean that it was consentual or ok.You are a victime of sexual abuse,he having done this to you before.I am sorry that this has happeneed once again in society.No one shuld have to be victimized.And most of the time it is done by someone known to the person.You r case a so called Boyfriend.he was no boyfriend to you.He probably used control and manipulation to keep you thinking YOU needed him.Seeing you one more time,just gave him the excuse to victimize you again.Sorry you got preagnant under these circumstances.Talk to a social worker,a doctor,a therapist about this man and what he has done.Speak up about his character..Would you trust this man around a child??I wouldnt.Maybe you can get him out of your life,and without having any visiting rights t this child.Why is life so sad and complicated sometimes?Take this experience and make something good out of it,but get this exual predator out of your life for good.maybe he wanted you to have a child,this way he could always stay connecetd and in control of you.Please speak up about what has happened..he doesnt have the right or need to be in your life just because he impreagnanted you.You are worth so much more.keep us updated,and please come back and let us know how you are doing.