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Re: Help! Ear Pressure Feels Worse After PE Grommet Tube Surgery?

Hi Jennifleck. I had PE tubes put in both ears at the age of 37. I do recall some major swelling a day after the surgery and for a moment I felt like the surgery made the ETD worse. I went back to the ENT and they did see any issues and the tubes looked fine. They said that the instruments used during the surgery may have irritated the area. They presribed some pain relievers and after a week or so I felt much better. It's been over a year since the tubes fell out and my ears are doing well (no plugging/pressure), thus I've forgotten about the post-surgery swelling.

I would suggest seeing your ENT to make sure that the tubes look good. They told me that this 'swelling/pain' rarely happens (but I wasn't buying it). It's frustrating, but I'd make your doctor accountable and have yourself checked out and at least give you something for the pain. I'm confident though that it will pass and I hope you'll be feeling better soon and that the tubes will be a success for you!