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Re: Help! Ear Pressure Feels Worse After PE Grommet Tube Surgery?

Thanks for responding, Malagrey. So are you saying that after your tubes came out, you didn't have eustachian tube dysfunction any more? That is good news! How long did you have ETD problems before you and your doctor decided to put the tubes in? My ETD had to go into "chronic" status (6+ months) before we could really make that decision.

The newer tube does seem to be calming down, at least for the last couple of days. I feel less distracted by a sensation of something being "stuck" (like a wad of cotton) in the ear. I never know, though, if I'm just having a couple good days, and tomorrow could be a bad one. The weather does affect me greatly...when storm fronts come in, I have bad symptoms. Some research leads me to believe that it's because that's when mold has its bloom and sends out millions of tiny spores into the air...right before it rains. Sometimes I even get a kind of brain fog/dreamy state where I don't feel quite's horrible! I've walked around grocery stores with my kids and been unable to answer simple questions or remember what I was looking for in the first place...

I still am having trouble hearing with the new tube. I had to attend a public event last night and meet a lot of new people. Half the things they said to me, I could not hear or sounded muffled. I haven't had my hearing rechecked since having the second tube put in, but I have to believe I've had some significant loss...just hope it is only a temporary thing? My voice sounds different to me, which sucks for public speaking...I have no idea at what volume I'm speaking or how I sound. I sound (to myself) nasal and muffled, like I have a cold. My friends and family can detect no difference in my voice, and I don't think they are just saying that to make me feel better.

I'll update as things progress...I'm hopeful that at least the irritating pressure/cotton wool feelings in my ear will calm down more and more with time. Not sure if the hearing will improve until the tube is out and the hole heals, though.