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Re: Help! Ear Pressure Feels Worse After PE Grommet Tube Surgery?

Hi jennifleck,

I looked back at my calendar/journal to get an exact time line for you:

Sept. 2009 - 2 weeks of cold allergies followed ith never ending 'plugged ears'

Spend the next 5 months on 'unsuccessful' medications (including Amoxicillian, Vermyst nasal spray, Levaquin, Cefdinir, Medrol Packs etc).

Feb 2010 - Went to see my 3rd ENT and asked for PE tubes. They felt a little uncomfortable for a few weeks, but my hearing started to get back to normal soon after the surgery.

Jul 2010 - 5 months after surgery: Had some trouble with plugging in the right ear. It turned out to be a build up of wax/fluid. ENT gave me some drops and the pressure/fluid clear up in about a week.

Around Sept 2010 I felt like one ear started plugging up again and my heart sank. I went back to the ENT to find out that one tube had fallen out on it's own. The side that felt plugged was just the PE tube that had started to come out on it's own but ended up get lodged in some fluid. My ENTs assistant removed it with 2 mintues and by the end of the day my ears were back to normal and I've been ok for the past year with NO PE tubes.

Based on my experience, the tubes should give you relief while they're in your ears, so if your hearing isn't right yet, I'd go back to your ENT. It could be that you have some wax/fluid in the tube (like I did in July 2010) and they may be able to give you some drops to break up the fluid so that the PE tubes can do what they're suppose to.

I really hope the tubes work for you while there in your ears and long after they fall out.

One other tip for anyone with ear issues: After this experience, I'm very cautious about taking care of my ears and doing what I can to avoid ear infections. I like to swim in the summers, so I had custom water proof ear plugs made at my ENTs office. It was only about $150, but they are great at keeping water out in the summer months while swimming. They are anti-bacterial and should last a while.

Good luck!