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Diagnosed with IBS by my GP.

So let me give you a little info first.

Age: 28, no family history of cancer of the colon. I just moved to a new city with my wife to finish my masters degree. I was under a lot of stress when these symptoms started (it was also ironically a day after I ate a really rare steak at a golden coral lol).

My stomach started to feel empty at first and then I got very bloaty and gassy from both ends. Stomach pain then followed for weeks on end. Nothing excruciating or unbearable. Just annoying. It was burning and stinging with occasional lower back pain with it and the occasional rectal pain. BM changes in occurance, not so much in appearance. Constipated on and off and mucus on some pieces of stool. I should also mention that like three weeks before this I had started drinking again (not heavily) after not drinking for 3 years and I was having a red bull every morning.

I quit drinking the red bull since this started. I went to my GP and got full blood tests. Everything looks good and normal (liver, kidneys, wbc, rbc, etc..) Did stool tests for bacterial and parasitic infections and they came up clean. He diagnosed me with IBS and prescribed me a slow release antacid and 25mg a day of Nortriptyln for stomach pain and said that if I have IBS it should help.

Well Ive been on the stuff for 3 days and the pain is definitely less (though it still shows up a few times a day for a short period but far less than it did before). Still get a tad constipated every few days and still have mucus in some of my BMs. Sometimes a lot, sometimes less to none. There has never been any blood in my stool.

Does this sound like IBS or could it be something more serious? I would just go to a GI and request a colonoscopy but alas I am a poor college student and have no insurance at the moment or money lol. Should I get more debt and go in to see a GI anyway to be safe? Thanks!

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