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Mild Form of Dysgraphia

....long explanation...sorry :/

So I can't really remember how long I've had this problem but recently I've noticed that writing and typing has been weird for me.

For instance, when I write a word like 'hello' I might write the 'o' before one of the 'l's and when I erase it to fix it, I end up forgetting to add the 'o' that I erased. So the word ends up being 'hell'. My brain knows I need to add the 'o' to the end of the word because I'd just erased it and I'm staring at the word 'hell' knowing it should be 'hello' but my hand moves on the the next word in my sentence and I have to go back and add the 'o'. It doesn't happen often, typically 3 or so times in a page of writing. I remember doing it before but I never paid much attention to it. I guess I'm just curious. Plus taking notes takes forever with me because I'm always erasing every other word. I guess I have to write slow to catch my mistakes and be neat. And sometimes I write the same letter twice in a word, but it's not as often.

And when I type, I misspell words a lot. I usually have at least 3 words misspelled in a five word sentence. And lately, even though I know the spelling of the word (or at least I should), I have to type it out about 3 times before I get it right. I leave letters out and the one word that really bothers me is 'different'. I've had to retype that word 5 times before because I kept typing 'differnt'. It's incredibly frustrating when I'm taking notes for class on my laptop and I have to go back and correct my mistakes and I end up missing what the professor is talking about. And I do have to go back immediately rather than later because some words are completely unrecognizable. Lately, I've had to think of the spelling of the word before I can type it to avoid an error (and that still doesn't help sometimes). And I've also been writing the same word twice in a row even though I can clearly see the word already on the screen. It's like my hands don't care or something. This scares me because I have to take the MCAT in 3 months and there is no spell check for the written section (and I know it's not a very important section) but I still don't want to screw up too badly.

I looked up the symptoms for dysgraphia and I don't seem to have a lot of them. I have no problem with upper and lower case letters or spacing. I haven't noticed a problem with 'b' and 'd'. I also haven't noticed any pain in my hand. I always write with pencils because I can't stand writing with pens. The page is always covered with scratched out words. My mom always got mad at me for always writing with pencils and bringing up how I have to use pens in the real world once I get out of school (and she thinks my 7 year old sister's writing is better than me). I actually get scared at the thought of having to use pens. Losing my pencil sometimes brings me close to tears (is that weird? favorite is the 0.5mm mechanical ones!) I look at other people who write with pens and I have no idea how they do it (makes me jealous). There's a lot of other stuff I've noticed but I'm tired of typing. Hope someone out there can calm my fears!

Also I've noticed that I mix up my 'g' and 'q' or instead of a lower case p at the beginning of the sentence, it'll be capital. And I HAVE to write on lined paper or I end up curving my sentences up (I figured that happens to everyone but maybe not...) And sometimes, I know what a word means and how it's spelled but when I see it or hear it, it makes no sense to me. And I've changed (or tried to) my grip on pencils in order to improve my writing. I even tried writing in complete print but it would take me forever to write. I usually end up going back to my regular style though (cursive & print). I should also add that I did fine in high school (currently in a top 20 university) and I am better at writing essays under pressure than planning it out (once wrote a 8 page paper in less than 3 hours and got an A-). And I typically have to start writing the middle of the paper and then go back to write the intro (sometimes read this way too).
Okay...I'm done. Sorry!!!

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