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Re: Working memory and school performance

Originally Posted by addprogrammer View Post

Good to hear from you, Dude. Your "work around," taking online classes, WORKS. Where is the issue? You are getting "B's." Damn, I hope we don't do another 50K posts getting you off another "issue" that ain't an issue. You got me in tears. I love you. hehehehehehehe

Let's talk computer / brain analogies - working memory - what is it?

Working memory is a dedicated section of RAM where numbers are being manipulated at high speeds. CPU's have always been alble to route data to and from RAM memory locations far faster than in and out read/write to memory speeds. The CPU is bottle necked waiting for data coming in and bottle necked waiting for data to get out. It is like a double case of constipation.

The blockage is in the wires running from RAM to the CPU and back to RAM.

Engineers place the transistors in the CPU within a few microns of each other to reduce drive time. The drive from memory address to memory address is the inhibiting factor getting the CPU to move faster. Distance kills computer world speed.

The slowest link all of us have is our Internet connection. That wire is waaaaaaaaay too long and waaaaaaaaaay to slow.

Our brains have integrated RAM memory CPU's. The drive distance could not be shorter. But our neural cables are like fiber optics with embedded tirds. "Speed," the drug, can blast them tirds right out of our brains straight down our plumping drain hard waste pipe.

Yes. ADHD meds, assuming the correct med is used, improve working memory. Their tird blasting property blows the tird out of our brains signal paths. The wrong med pumps more poop into our constipated brain pipes.

The med you were taking is not the most effective for you.

I await your rebuttal to my your no-issue issue. :


BTW iluv diet advice may be a better than any anti-brian-constipation med. I've done some serious research that is leading me to believe that our diet can help activate good genes and suppress evil ADHD genes.

The List of Good ADHD Foods:

Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, and bok choy.

Foods rich in folic acid: (meat) liver, chicken giblets, kidney, egg yolk; (legumes) dried beans, lentils, split peas, soya products, almonds, nuts; (startches) wholegrain breads, wheat flour, potato, sweet potato; (fruits and vegetables) spinach, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, bananas, oranges, peaches.

Foods rich in antioxidants: small dried red beans, wild blueberries, dried red kidney beans, pinto beans, cultivated blueberries, cranberries, cooked artichoke hearts, black berries, dried prunes, raspberries, strawberries, red delicious apple, granny smith apple, pecans, sweat cherries, black plum, cooked russet potatoes, black beans, plum, and gala apple. (in order of decreasing antioxidant content).

Foods rich in vitamin B12: (meat) liver, beef top sirloin, mutton, chicken, pork, ham, fish, whole egg, cheeseburger, cured roasted ham, roasted chicken; (dairy) milk, cheese, yogurt; (seafood) cooked clams, wild or farmed cooked rainbow trout, cooked sockeye salmon, cooked haddock, white tuna; (cereal grains) fortified breakfast cereal.

Foods rich in amino acids, B complex vitamins: ( methionine, an amino acid) spinach, garlic, brazil nuts, kidney beans, tofu, chicken, beef, fish; (choline a B complex vitamin) liver, eggs, lettuce, peanuts; (metals) zinc; (resveratrol red grape antioxidant) red wine, betaine. Betaine is a sweet crystalline quaternary ammonium salt that was first isolated in beet juice and is used to treat homocysteinuria and is also used in its hydrochloride form to treat hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid).

This stuff isn't half bad. Cheeseburger? Wonderful. Liver? Never. I'll die first before eating anything that vile. I love every other food in the B12 class. I won't eat liver and I won't die. Cool.

I'm very short in the antioxidant group. I like all the foods listed. Just never got into the habit eating many berries. No problem with this add-on.

The cruciferous vegetables? They all suck. People that eat liver eat cabbage and cauliflower and bok choy whatever that is. It has to suck because it is in the suck group. Unless bok choy is mis-categorized. I doubt it, the name alone says it all. SUCKS.

I got a solution. I'll select the configurous vegetables group and hit the delete key. Solved.

Your job is to research "genetic epigenetics" to understand why the above food should help. Then you get back and explain pig-enetics to me. Neuro stuff hurts my head.

Hey Bob, nice to see you're still roaming the boards . My issue might seem like a non-issue, and perhaps it isn't, but I feel like I'm struggling. While I put what seems like a low amount of effort into my studies, it seems like an uphill battle. That sentence may make you nonplussed, but I'm actually afraid to put actual extreme effort in, because then I would see my plateau for what it is.

About the working memory issue, I test myself. I can barely retain a sentence and my mind garbles the sequence. I do work somewhat better when stimulants are coarsing through my system. Anyway, online classes make it hard to test as for most of the classes the teachers admit to the students being able to use books during exams.

Your advice on vitamins was good, and I've been considering supplementing with vitamin B12 as I think it did help me before, memory and core functionality wise.

As per epigenetics, I've read on that stuff before. I'll have to look into it more deeply later. I don't know, school seems to be sapping whatever mental energy I would normally have for other pursuits.

As an aside, I've beend diagnosed with a severe dopamine shortage, at the end of the day I'm not sure what my issue is. I just know no med has really helped me greatly. Vyvanse had an amazing affect on me, that lasted for maybe two days before the other side-effects kicked in.

Also, iluv, thanks for the nutrition advice as well, and you're right of course.

God, sometimes I wonder how truly profound my ADHD is, I see these monolithic posts and I can barely tackle a few paragraphs.
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