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Re: Working memory and school performance


I have become proficient at the use of several ADHD work-around strategies. I'm stable on my current medication, Vyvanse. My symptoms are well controlled without side-effects. I want you to know first where I am on ADHD remediation progress scale.

I get a about a 40% to 50% return on my efforts toward achievement compared to the ROI (Return On Investment) experienced by those having similar core strenghts and weakness as me less the ADHD enumbrance.
I am forced to work twice as hard as my peers with similar characteristics.

May I suggest that you a add a few of ADHD work-around strategies to your efforts toward achieving your goals..

I am capable learning complex subjects and proficiency in subject skills. I have not nor ever will chose a formal college education to acquire skills I need to reach my goals. I could not keep pace with demands of full time on campus college education. I cannot operate in that environment and I am not compatible with the teaching system employed.

I am educated. I have wisely used and continue to us a different type of education that has consistenly worked well for mel.

I have lost nothing because of not being college educated except peace of mind. I had been so indoctrinated that I thoroughly believed the same lie as nearly everyone of us dumb Americans. It became a strong driving subconscience force. I made many bad decisions beause of it. The lie is: "Our personal worth is measured by the level of college education achieved achieved with far more weight given to the name of the university attended.

Try to get the sense of this dialog: Try feeling yourself as the one being asked the questions.

Where did you go to school? I ah went to Harvard [pause], ah a (very low in tone and volume) haha the Business School. Yeah-a I earned my doctorate in business management. [very long pause for effect to sink in].

Now, TryAgain, fell the power, your are God Almighty. You are worshipped. Your are the standard of perfection that every dumb American uses to measure a person's worth.

We will conclude here. Where do your work? "cough, cough well-ah, ah I on a sabbatical. I'm traveling tommow to Venice. The flooded Venice in Italy to soak up the fine arts." Your worshipper is awe of your grander.

Keep private that you are unemployed and cannot get a job.

The American economy went to hell. Most of jobs lost were occupied by college graduates. Did you know your newly acquired worshipper is a electrician. He graduated from Vocational School were the dumb and misfits get sent. He started little electrical repair srevice right out of Votech. That was 20 years ago. Today his electrical contractor business grosses millions per year. Your worshiper pockets a mega buck for himself.

I know the guy, TryAgain. I did not create a fictitious person to make the point.

We are so indoctrinated, that many choose courses that will end in failure.

Don't forget. Taking on-line courses will get you the job. "B" is a damn good grade. Your type of education choices is a very wise decision on your part. Don't allow dumb American BS to influence you into a course that wil end in smoke and flames. Your quality of life will be combustible source of the smoke and flames.

I know how powerful the BS influence is. I feel its influence.

You are doing so well. Keep it up.


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