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Please advise!!!

HI! I don't have to much time (at work!) but am getting severely worried about my daughter. She is 12, when she was about 6 months old, I first noticed a brown spot on the abackside of her forearm. I thought at first it was a soda stain! When I was scrubbing it, I realized it was not coming off. I had never noticed it at all until that time, which I thought was strange. Fast forward to now. The spot seemed to grow a little bit at a time, but I just figured it was a birthmark, and was growing, because she was growing. Still did not think to much about it. But, in the last year, it has spread all the way around her arm now and is getting bigger by the month. She also is having new patches of brown starting on about 4 other places on her body. There are no tumors that I can tell, just these brown spots. I thought all this time, that it was a birthmark, but as much as it has spread this year, I am getting a little nervous about it. So far, she isn't to sefl conscious about it, but I know she will be soon. Does this sound like something that can happen with Neurofibromatosis? Thanks for any information!!!

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