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SVT or nothing at all?

Hi, I am a 36 (almost) year old stay-at-home mom with 3 kids. In May 2011 I had a few moments of rapid heart rate, lasting seconds, and it seemed to stop. Then in Sept I had 2 times where it lasted 2 hours at highest 171. I have not had it happen at all since Sept 21. I did a 24 hour holter which showed nothing except early heart beats. Thyroid is fine despite being enlarged with nodules, the levels are fantastic. I am awaiting adrenal testing. My PCP wants me to do a 2 week monitor, starting today, but I wonder if I should go to a cardiologist first. Here are my actual results. If anyone can shed some light on these, I'd appreciate it.

Avg heart rate 79 beats per min
Min heart rate 49 beats per min at 10:17pm
Max heart rate 136 beats per min at 6:06am

Ventricular ectopic activity consisted of 396 beats of which 10 were couplets, 385 were premature ventricular contractions and 3 were single ventricular contractions.

Rhythm included 1 min and 5 sec of bradycardia with the lowest single bradycardia occuring at 3:51am and lasting 5 seconds with a min heart rate of 50. Rhythm included 3 hours and 43 mins and 51 sec of tachycardia with the fastest episode of tachycardia occurring at 6:05am lasting 1 min and 43 sec with max heart rate of 136.

Supraventricular tachycardia ectopic activity consisted of 74 beats of which 58 were late beats and 19 were single premature atrial contractions. The longest RR interval was 1.5 sec occurring at 9:39am. The longest NN interval was 1.4 sec occurring at 2:54am.

impression 1) normal holter monitor, 2) symptoms do not correlate with underlying arrhythmia.

So it sounds like this is normal? I thought that SVT and PAC can cause rapid heart rate or feel like rapid heart rate?

Sorry for the LONG, LONG post.

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