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At what point do doctors typically prescribe insulin?

After deciding to give up soda September 1, I suddenly noticed symptoms of increased thirst and more frequent urination. I thought that rather strange, as I'd only been drinking one soda a day most days, occasionally two. But the symptoms persisted, so I called my doctor and asked her to call in an order for a fasting blood glucose test. My results came in the mail today, upon my request.


My late husband also had type 2 diabetes, and was on both an oral medication and insulin injections, so I'm somewhat familiar with what to expect, though he's been gone enough years that my memory is a bit faded and changes may have taken place in medications and diabetic care.

My appointment with my doctor isn't for another three weeks, so I'm very curious as what to expect. Does anyone have any idea at what blood glucose level insulin injections are typically prescribed? I'm sure hoping I can get by at least for a while with just diet and oral medication, but 289 sounds mighty high and I fear insulin injections may be in my future soon.

(age 70, BMI 21)

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