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blood sugar rises when i don't eat

Hi - I'd so appreciate any info if anyone's experienced something similar:
I had a blood panel done and to my surprise the RN told me my blood sugars were high. Ever since my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago I've been incredibly careful with my diet. I'm thin, I exercise religiously and I eat very few carbs. I don't eat pasta, rice, candy, refined sugar of any kind and I don't drink soda or alcohol. The only bread I eat is a single slice of sprouted grain bread in the morning. Other than that it's veggies, lean proteins, nuts, dairy and the occassional piece of fruit. I promise you - I'm not exagerrating. So as I said, I was surprised when my blood sugar came back high on the test. I bought a monitor and test strips and started testing my blood sugar levels and what's weird is I find that when I don't eat for a few hours (especially if I work out really vigorously) I feel shaky and anxious - but I test my blood and the sugar levels are high. I'm so confused. After I eat, they go back down a bit. My fasting levels are in the normal range...I'm concerned because I had an uncle who had Type 1 diabetes that wasn't diagnosed til he was almost 50...
I'd really appreciate any insights. Thank you so much.

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