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Re: blood sugar rises when i don't eat

I agree with Cora that your liver could be dumping glucose because of a need for it due to exercise (perhaps).

Your comments about your weight (not heavy) and what you eat (or don't eat) can only suggest to us that you are probably not developing type 2 diabetes. My own familiarity is with type 1 diabetes, not type 2. My son has type 1 and celiac disease and I can tell you sometimes his blood sugar rises without food: that just means he needs at that moment a higher dose of the basal insulin (he takes Levemir for that). I'm wondering what happens when you eat a high carb food (if you ever do). Since you have BG testing equipment at home, you could actually give yourself a glucose challenge. The procedure is to test in the morning on an empty stomach, then drink two cans of soda (or juice with equivalent carb content), then test an hour and two hours later (or more if you like). Two hours later I believe you are expected to be below some number (I think it is 140 but maybe others here can confirm that). We have never done the glucose test at home, but an endo at one point told me how one does it, and commented it is easily done at home if you have the meter for measuring blood sugar.

I'm a little concerned you could be developing type 1 (although I am not a doctor so don't get too upset by just me suggesting it). If you ate a high carb diet one would expect the main issue to be your body's inability to deal with consumed sugars (or carbs). If you are really eating such a very low carb diet as it seems you might be, then perhaps your body is struggling to produce the maintenance dose of insulin needed (which normally does not happen with t1d until a little later I think).

My son for example, for some months after his t1d still produced enough insulin that he needed no basal dose, just doses for meals (but his meals were typical meals with some carb content). Our bodies do need a little insulin all the time, not just to deal with the food we eat.

Still it seems a little far fetched that you could be short on this low level of needed basal insulin (by your body not producing enough), and I think the liver dumping sugar explanation might make more sense.

In any case, you could do your own home glucose challenge and find out the answer if you wanted, or you could go to an endo who specializes in diabetes (hopefully not just type 2) and you could also get an answer there.

Good luck.