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Re: New here... Dad (78) has AML

Well, Dad is back in the hospital. Around 4:45am last Thursday he woke me up banging on the wall. He had been up with the 'shakes' for hours and now was burning up with a 103 fever. Got my kids situated (not easy at 5am!!) and headed to the E.R. upon the advice of home health.

WBC was 103,000, which was more than double what it was 2 days earler. They've had him on antibiotics and Hydrea for a few days now. He's not eating much. BP is low (was 91/57 a little while ago.) He's very weak and seems to be struggling. His dr has told him it's all about quality of life now, only he can decide when it's deteriorated enough to stop the comfort care. She says when he's ready, to let her know and she will send him home with hospice.