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Re: I'm 45, have no parents left, and am lost...

I know how you feel...

I lost my mum to ovarian cancer and MS when she was 32 and I was 7 and being an only child, the impact was, (is) huge. God granted my father and I the beautiful gift of my step mother. She and I were incredibly close, but she was called home in 2005 and Dad followed her in 2009. I live in Australia, with my daughter but other than that, I have no family here. It can be a huge struggle. If not for my girl, I really don't think I would be here, either. She is my everything.

Although I am 42 and 'middle aged', I still very keenly feel the loss of my parents and I get jealous sometimes, of my friends, because they still have at least one parent still alive. I often wish I could rewind time and go back home, just to see them both again and to feel their hugs and warmth...but if wishes came true, beggars would ride, would they not? All I can do is concentrate on being around for my daughter as much as possible and try to enjoy what I do have, instead of living in yesterday.......My thoughts and kind wishes I send to you...x

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