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Re: Hydrocodone vs. Tramadol??

Originally Posted by Lilacs&Lillies View Post
To the best of my knowledge - Utram (Tramadol) does NOT have acetaminophen in it - but Ultracet does.

I have been using Ultram (Tramadol) for years in combination with Darvocet (now off the market) and Ibuprofen. Now that Darvocet is off the market (supposedly caused heart rhythm problems AND contained too much acetaminophen) I now use Tylenol #3, Ultram, & Ibuprofen.

Ultram (Tramadol) makes me much more tired than the opioids do. I usually use it at bedtime. Back when I was on Darvocet, I would use the ultram for about 2 weeks between my refills of the Darvocet. - this provided me only fair pain relief, but it helped me avoid the dependance on the opioid and I didn't have to go up to anything stronger.

I really miss the Darvocet, but I am thankful for Ultram. I think Ultram is a very good alternative.

Good luck with your pain control.
Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and started taking the Tramadol a few weeks ago and don't really have any side effects accept that it makes me just a tiny bit dizzy. If i don't stay active then I will get sleepy but other then that nothing. Although it doesn't help the pain as well as the Hydracodone but at least it's an alternative so I don't get addicted to it.

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