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Re: Destroying the Hourse

Would she accept more parental attention, maybe hugs, that sort of thing ? - just a gut feeling, given the separation and maybe other things on parents' mind? Hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, but I sometimes feel aspy children need and benefit from more attention than most, for longer than most. (not speaking from a position of authority here and am sure the parents on the board will give much more experienced advice)

The reason I say this is because a friend was once told to go with her kid's habits, not worry about it and concentrate on the other aspects of being a mum and it seemed, over a long period of time, and with gliches along the way, to really help - the habits seemed to reduce fairly quickly and this picking seems to be a bit of a habit maybe? The habits also seemed to be got rid of by going away on a holiday where they couldn't happen, like camping, and when they came back, some of the habits had gone

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