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Re: Isocyanate poisoning

I have been exposed to this chemical as well. We spray truck bed liner coatings at work and the booth was leaking for several months, as in positive pressure versus negative pressure. I had been sick for 8 weeks with sinus problems, lots of mucus, chest congestion, fevers. dizzy, swollen eye lids and pain behind my eyes. My Doctor diagnosed a sinus infection. I am on my 3rd antibiotic and am doing somewhat better. I think I am doing better because my work has fixed the spray booth. The bosses at work would not recognize that the chemical most likely caused my trouble and did nothing to help me. I threatened to call OHSA and get a lawyer, now they want to send me to a company Doctor to get checked out. I did go to my own Doctor again and ask for an Isocyanate blood test profile to be done. I'm not sure what my next move should be but I wish this was all over and my health was back to normal.