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lightheadedness, weak and anxious

Hi all, sure hope to get some professional advice here from anyone willing to help.....I really would like to know how to handle this. 3 years ago after giving birth to my 3year old, I started having palpitations and major panic attacks at least 3 or 4 times a week....2years down the line the Lord helped me to know how to control when a panic attack is coming but the anxious feeling and too much focus on how i feel has not disappeared. I have in the past 3years been to 4 cardeologists (due to palps) but all was good. Now this year my main problem is this feeling of lightheadedness almost everyday...sometimes the neck is stiff - sometimes it feels like there is a wave / shift like in my head...when I walk in the malls or office it feels like am goin to fall....when I try to sit still feels like my body is moving - but i never feel dizzy in its true description e.g. room spinning or darkness.....Now I was recently diagonised with low iron - whenever I menstruate there are clots - was put on chelafer last month but now on haemofer - I havent gone back to check if the iron level has gone up (doing that this week). When I menstruate I feel terribly week and the head sensation gets worse. What frustrates me most is that the doc just concludes the sensation is due to anaemia which i agree to a certain extent but I really believe the head sensation probably has another explanation. I saw a post similar to mine here from a few years ago and someone responded by saying if you are always tense, grinding your teet due to anxiety the result is this feeling - could this be true? Are there any remedies that help relax muscles? I love exercising but now I am not doing as much due to this - If only this would go away and I get my normal life back - I believe in prayer and I am faithful that one of these good days - the answer will be right in front of me - and when I use it - the light headedness will just disappear - what a joy that will be ! thank you all and stay blessed!

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