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Re: I seem OK till it comes to Adult/Complex Conversations

What should I do about parents who ridicule me and don't want to believe me and meanwhile i'm trying to get help and they just think i'm stupid.

The therapist said she wants to have a talk with my parents about how i have this condition, but parents would fake it while she's with them and then when she leaves they would continue bullying me.

The parents just think i can fix myself by being macho attitude and making myself alert!! tht's what they keep saying and bullying me about. And when they talk to me and i don't understand they start lecturing me and saying that i'm lying.

This is not gonna work IF on one hand i have all these nice people trying to help me(Speech therapist, vocational rehab etc, schools) and then on the other hand I live with controlling and bully parents.

That's tough.
PS i live with parents, i'm age early 30s

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