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CIN1 and treatment. Advice needed

Hi all

I had an abnormal smear about 5 months ago. Since then I've had two colcoscopys and punch biopsies. The first came back clear and the second has come back saying there are signs that amount to CIN1. the doctor specifically emphasised the word amounting because it meant it was quite low and hard to detect. Never the less when he does the colcoscopy he can clearly see the different colour cells when he puts the solution on. Anyway, he has now presented me with a choice. 1. Wait 6 months and see if my immunity kicks in. He was hoping that it would have done by the 2nd colcoscopy but that obviously didn't happen. The second choice is to have the LEEP treatment. I think that ordinarily I might just wait but here's the difficulty, I want to try for a baby in 6 months time. If I wait and then am told I need treatment in 6 months then this will delay the whole thing but if I do it now I might be having treatment I don't need.

I know that having the LEEP can effect your child bearing capabilities but want more information. I'm 34 and about 50% of my friends and relatives are having ivf because they are struggling to have kids so I don't really want to put off having kids any longer than 6 months.

Has anyone got any advice or personal experience they can share?


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