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Smile Re: lightheadedness, weak and anxious

Hi there.....believe me i truly understand how ruining it can be but while we wait for the answer - maybe lets just believe God and hope that soon we will be free - sometimes I cry because I cannot explain it to anyone so it sort of gives me some relief that someone out there understands how I feel and goes through the same. The doctors sometimes dont really help you emotionally because all they want is to get it over and done with so they can see the next patient.

Anyway, i am going to the doc next week and hopefully my Iron levels have gone up so I can rule that one out ! Its the worst feeling ever. Just walking in the mall can be daunting because you feel like anytime you can fall and looks like the mind is never convinced that you have not fallen in the past 3years and you will never fall....I think we must try and teach our minds to relax and believe that we are fine....someone once said to me that "We are what we think and we attract what we imagine - so while you wait for the answer - imagine yourself well and who knows you might not need to be visiting a doc !!