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Re: lightheadedness, weak and anxious

Dorr, It sounds to me like you may have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (I have that and Panic Disorder). I feel like that ALOT! Just an off balanced kind of feeling, like your equallibrium is off. It's like you're walking on a boat or have "elevator legs" all the time. For me, it only got worse, I started having severe health anxiety, and was constantly aware of palpitations and such, which would then throw me into a panic attack, and then I would think there was something wrong with my heart. It's not fun at all. I used to take some Benadryl to ease that feeling, but now that my panic attacks have come back full force, due to starting perimenopause, I started back on Zoloft. An SSRI may be something to consider if you're constantly feeling anxious, and lightheaded.

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