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Re: Overreacting or the right thing to do?

hey! this might parents have been together for almost 30 years..married for 25..they both are heavy dad more than my mom though. when my dad gets mad he lets it be known that he is mad. when he's drinking, his anger gets worse and sometimes turns violent. he hasnt been as bad now that im older and he knows that i am very outspoken and i will call the police or i will tell him how much of a jerk hes being so i think he kind of stopped a bit. but he used to get very violent with my mom and it was always only when they were drinking. it started probably 4 years after they got married my mom tells me and it had only progressivly gotten worse. you might as well nip it in the bud now and break up with him. you seem as though you've got a head on your shoulders so im sure you deserve someone who's much better who will appreciate you and not get angry. he should have supported you in wanting to stay out with your friend to make sure she got home alright also. ughhh men :/