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Does this sound like autoimmune disorder?

I recently turned 40 and desperately want to feel healthy. I have a habit of lying to others (and myself) about how bad I feel because I don't want them to worry and hate to think of myself as "fragile," but have been feeling much worse lately and think there really might be something wrong.

I wrote down my symptoms and am discouraged by the list. Most of them are long-term issues (20+ yrs) except the rash and joint pain. I've always thought of them as distinct issues, but when looked at all together have me worried.

I've researched some autoimmune disorders and while there are some similarities, none of my problems seem bad enough to count. I have had a couple autoimmune things previouly diagnosed (MEWDS in one eye 12 yrs ago--affects the retina) and multiple food intolerances, possibly celiac.

Could someone give me some guidence.

Abnormal fatigue
Low energy all dayŚworse in morning and late afternoon
Difficulty waking up and extremely foggy in mornings
Wake up exhausted, even after plenty sleep
Difficulty concentrating, focusing, and remembering things
Diagnosed with major depression
Headaches, mostly in back of head (one recently with light and noise sensitivityŚmild migrane?)
Scalp often feels tingly/itchy/prickly, (difficult to explain)
Stiff/Painful/Sometimes swollen joints (mostly hands and wrists, sometimes ankles, knees, neck. Varies in intensity)
Back and neck pain
Tingling in hands, feet, scalp
Abnormally cold hands and feet
Itchy rash on chest (comes and goes, worse with sun exposure)
Frequent nausea, bloating (numerous food intolerances diagnosed 1.5 yrs ago)
PMS--getting worse

All are long-term problems, except joint issues (casually diagnosed as arthritis because tests for autoimmune disorder came back negative), and rash on chest.

Thank you!

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