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My anxiety :(

So when i was a child my father abused me i now have PTSD and im 14 the abuse was from 1-2 while he had me alone now i live across the country and have had many years of counseling things were better for me though i was always on edge but nothing too much but now about 2 months after i was jumped

i'm so scared i don't go to school anymore because the last day i went i could barly function i felt like i knew i was about to die or get seriously hurt so i just left and went home

i know its unlikely and it dosent even hurt that bad but just the thought! i don't leave my house unless i need too i mean i don't even walk to the store anymore i think the assault retriggered my PTSD im so at a loss i ruined a relationship with a gorgeous girl who most kids would die to be with but i just said no too going anywhere with her because i'm so scared ill get jumped or hurt again

im missing my first year of highschools im just falling out of lilfe it feels like recently my depression also came back iv been on prozac for about 2 weeks and i dont feel much better infact i feel like a zombie

im sure a bit of its in my head but im pretty sure some people would beat me up if they saw me tho i know its unlikely

moving too another state would turn my life around but thats unlikely

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