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Re: Diagnosis and other questions


I had endometriosis, and most of my symptoms were similar to yours. I can't remember if they saw anything when the Ultrasound was done, as it was so many years ago I can't remember everything. I had 2 surgeries within 1 year for endometriosis, and they were done laporscopically. About 1 year after my 2nd surgery for endometriosis, I had a total hysterectomy.

I was always so sick with my period, that for me the hysterectomy was actually better in the long run.

As far as complications go without having surgery for endometriosis, I think that it just gets worse as the endometriosis can implant sometimes get into abdominal areas.

If you are wanting to have a child, sometimes the doctors think that not having a period can help with endometriosis, and being pregnant often helps. (I recommend marriage first)

I really hope that your testing goes ok, if you do need surgery remember that the pain only last for a little while compared to all the time you have been suffering.

I am sure you will get many replies on this board in the next few days that will help give you support.