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Re: Labrythitis, Menieres, BPPV?

Thank you for taking the time to give me your opinion, I really appreciate it! This whole experience has been really scary and I have a lot of respect for people dealing with any vestibular problems. It's hard because all of these weird things are going on inside but other people find it difficult to understand because there are no outward symptoms. (Other than stumbling around when dizzy and having panic attacks.)

I'm just wondering a few things... with MAV is it also common to have trouble focusing with the eyes while the dizziness is happening? I think it is called nystagmus. This was one symptom I forgot to mention as well. It could possibly be Meniers because I have mild tinnitus but it's so mild I don't really notice it. I haven't had any hearing loss but when I get an attack I am extremely sensitive to sound afterwards for the first day.

I just find it so odd that a migraine could affect the ears so drastically but it does make sense. At the moment it feels like I have ton of water seeping out of my ears which the doctor confirmed I don't. It feels like the right ear is more affected than the left, all though both hurt and have pressure and the fluid feeling at the moment. I had a minor attack again yesterday but no headache but I read that is common with MAV. The dizziness comes in intervals for 60 seconds and then goes away or sometimes comes back again. The first attack I was dizzy off and on for two days!

With MAV is it something that comes and goes for most people or does it happen to them most all of their life? Because this has only happened three times do you think I should wait and see if my symptoms come back next month or should I see a neurologist right away?

Sorry for all of my questions and thank you so much for your help again.