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Re: Does MRI show rectal prolapse?

Just to let you know my opinion based on my situation ..

I had a proctogram which clearly identified an intussusception. Was due to have surgery to fix it, but they sent me for a dynamic MRI to get a clearer picture. The Dynamic MRI did not show any intussussception or prolapse, so surgery was cancelled which was devastating for me because my symptoms and problems are very debilitating and affect my life hugely. So now I am waiting to have a internal exam under anaesthetic to see if that helps with a diagnoses. I have done some research on the web and some doctors feel that an intussussception or prolapse can be more prominent some days than other days and that sometimes an MRI scan may not clearly show it. Also, it depends alot on the radiographer who reads the MRI and their expertise in this area.

I will be very interested to see what other people on this forum think about this. I am just so anxious to have a diagnosis so that I can move on to getting it fix and returning to a normal life.

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