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Re: End stages of COPD and Hospice

Hello. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but I understand you very well. My husband is also end stage COPD. This spring it seemed that he was very close to death. He wanted to come back home to Spain (to die) so we came. It was an almost terrifying trip. But we made it. We've been here 4 months now. He's worse, but I don't really see the end coming soon. He can't stand or walk anymore, can't eat solid food, can't read, is confused a lot of the time, in diapers (naturally), but ..... no quality of life at all! Sometimes I am desperate because I'm American and gave up my teaching job to bring him here. I miss my daughter and grandchildren so much!!! And the hard part is not knowing how long this will last. On the other hand,I am lucky to be in Spain because the government provides so much support!!.... _At no cost, I have 2 and a half hours a day of help (to change him, bathe him, move him into the wheelchair for a little while, treat the bedsores), all medical care and medication; the nurse comes every week and the doctor whenever I call and ask her to come. Diapers are also covered at no cost. In your case, I would think your husband would qualify for hospice. From what I hear, hospice care is wonderful. Maybe you could consult with a different doctor who would authorize it. As far as knowing how long the end stage will last, I feel the same way... if I just knew how long this would go on I could deal with it so much better. Going through the end stage with no help is unimaginably hard. Good luck to you and I hope you can get hospice.

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