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GI doctor told me Laxatives are not harmful or addictive!!

I went to a new GI doctor yesterday & he told me that Laxatives are not harmful or addictive & if they were they wouldn't be on store shelves!! Has ANYONE EVER BEEN TO ANY DOCTOR THAT HAS TOLD THEM THIS? I have had severe constipation since around the spring of 2006. It was because I had endometrosis & only when I had my period I was constipated. Over the next 2 years the constipation got to the point where I was only having a bo3wel movement once a week by using an enema. I have never touched any thing other then enemas because I was always told by every doctor I have seen since 1996( before the constipation ever started) that laxatives were addictive & over time your bowel becomes dependent on them. Long story short I ended up getting a Hysterectomy because the endometriosis was so bad & the constipation just got worse. Now I take 2 maximum strength Ex pills before I go to bed every night & still even with that I can not have a bowel movement until I drink my coffee in the morning. I have tried just the coffee which used to work nut now I need the 2 together. I don't like taking them because I know that taken over a period of time your body gets used to them. There is more to my story but I just wanted to ask if what this GI doctor said to me had been told to anyone else. WHEN i HEARD THIS i SERIOUSLY THOUGHT HE WAS WACKED!

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