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Re: Could this be an abdominal aortic aneurysm?

I have a history of anxiety, stress, depression. In January 2001, I had a painful stomach ache which doubled me over. I went to the emergency room and it was determined that I had a gall bladder problem. At the same time I was notified that I had an AAA "not bad but it needed to be watched. In March 2001 I had the gall bladder removed (no more stomach aches). I had the AAA looked at and it was larger than before so they continued to look at it (they say about 5 to 6 cm is "surgery time". Mine was less than that. In August of 2001, I had a heart attach and required a triple bypass surgery (heart is doing great now). Approximately 2 years later the AAA had grown rather fast and the surgeons were concerned. I had it repaired and did fine with recovery. NOW, 8 years later the AAA has reappeared (small) but it is there again. They are watching it very closely. Since all this started in 2000 I have had numerous surgeries from addominal hernia repair (twice). I have anurysims (sic) in both the illead arteries. I have a carotid that has been cleaned out and the other will have to be cleaned before too much longer.

I have had a few other procedures also that are not vascular.

My advice to you is to have that AAA watched closely. It is very serious if it bursts.

I hope this has helped.

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