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Re: Mild scoliosis with severe constant pain

Originally Posted by Duck Dodgers View Post
I am a 20 year old female and have had back pain for around five years.

About two years ago I was told that I have two spots of mild scoliosis, one in my lower back and one in my upper back.

The lower area starts hurting if I stand or bend very much and will be sore if you gently press on the area.

The area of my upper back radiates pain up my neck and around my shoulder blade area almost all the time, but much worse on the right side.
If I "tighten" my muscles I hear a "popping" sound and the pain is slightly relieved for a few minutes up to a couple hours.

The pain is worse at night and I often wake up a lot. I haven't been able to sleep on my right side for over two years now with out extreme pain and headaches. There will also be swelling/pressure "under" my shoulderblade.

I can't lift or carry things very well and I feel like a baby or something. Most of my family doesn't really believe me about the pain, especially since they can't see my scoliosis and its not supposed to hurt this bad when its this mild.

I have other painful points; lower ribs, sometimes elbows and other joints. Headaches a lot. In the last year I was diagnosed with sever depression and I think the constant pain is part of the problem. I have had some undiagnosed heart issues (other than suposedly "painless" PVC).

I can't handle heat or cold well... I get terrible head pain and lightheadedness that lasts for hours or days if I work out in the heat very long at all.
I feel like a walking complaint or something and most of my friends and family think I am... hence a few suicidal attepts.

I'm only 20! I should be out working a job and "pulling my load". I don't drink or smoke. I take very little prescription drugs even for pain. I eat healthy (mostly organic, all natual, and whole foods) almost no pop or caffien.
I should be "fine" but I feel half dead already!

Sorry its long.. I'm a bit frustrated...
Any help or advice?
Its been 6 years since I have diagnosed by mild scoliosis. I feel your pain as I feel it every day of my life.

I'll tell you my history for the past 6 yrs so won't feel this yrs of pain like I did. When I was a child I usually lift heavy items (heavier than my weight) which is a no no to do. After that the rest is PAIN.

What I've done to treat my back pain is that I don't lift heavy items like in the past. But here's the deal, even though I manages to disregard lifting things it still get worsen. I believe it is due to improper sitting posture when I play computer games for long hours and through my work which my shoulders were intensively used 8 hrs a day.

At this present time, the thing I'm doing to lessen the pain when I felt it is stretching the part of my body when the pain occurs.

By the way, my back and right shoulder always feels the pain. But in some occasions ( I dunno if those have scoliosis felt it too) my right ear feel this shacking and hear this weird sound waves. I don't know is this cause by my scoliosis but I'm having a got feeling this is also part of its symptoms. I hope some of you verify this info.

This will be a pain issue forever for me and I'm finding ways now to lessen this pain or if I'm lucky enough to eliminate this pain forever.

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