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Re: Labrythitis, Menieres, BPPV?

Many MAV patients complain of trouble focusing eyes when they are symptomatic. Nystagmus is fairly common. Mild tinnitus is common in MAV. Sound sensitivity is a characteristic of migraine, and MAV.

Meneires has strong tinnitus, you would know if you had this. The dizziness associated with meneires lasts several hours or even days, it does not fluctuate every 60 seconds the way you describe.

Migraine is more than a headache disorder, it can manifest itself in many different ways. Research shows that 35% of migraine headache patients also experience vestibular symptoms. It is believed that the disorder is linked to a chemical imbalance in the brain and/or brainstem.

The good news is that MAV (and every other presentation of migraine) can be controlled in the vast majority of patients. Diet and lifestyle modifications are the easiest way to control symptoms, this alone is sufficient for about 20-40% of people (depending on the researcher's statistics). Most people require a migraine preventative medication. The three most common meds are Nortriptyline, Topamax and Verapamil. You should talk to a doctor about a diagnosis and treatment plan. The treatment for MAV is exactly the same as for migraine headache, except you dont use migraine abortives.

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