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Re: Labrythitis, Menieres, BPPV?

It is good to hear that your ear injury can be cured with surgery! And even better that it is next month. Chronic imbalance and vertigo would be exhausting, this has been happening to you for years? I'm so sorry to hear that but glad they have finally found the culprit of it all. I'm not sure why doctors are so clueless when it comes to inner ear issues, almost everyone I have talked to about this knows someone who has had some form of vestibular problem.

After researching myself I agree with your thoughts of having MAV. I had excruciating migraines (before all of this I thought they were headaches) on and off all of yesterday and the only thing that helps is taking diazepam and laying down in a dark room. Tylenol barely touches the pain. I have been getting migranes at least monthly for the last year so the history is there. My triggers so far are hormonal imbalance, caffeine, low-blood sugar, msg and the weather. I noticed yesterday when the weather started clearing up I felt better, only to feel worse when the rain started again.

I am seeing my doctor on Monday and asking to be sent to a neurologist (although I've read they usually don't find anything with testing, but they are the most knowledgeable about this condition) and also an ENT to eliminate any other possibilities. I really hope by doing the migraine diet I can stop these horrible attacks and if the diet doesn't work to find medication that does.

Thank you again for your help, you have a lot of knowledge when it comes to inner ear issues! I guess the best thing to do is educate yourself on what is happening and why. I hope that you are feeling less dizzy and hopeful for your surgery.