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Re: Time to quit pain meds but how to deal with pain without

Hi Buddy

So, I am in a motorcycle ministry called Holy GHOST riders. Bunch of born again

Couldn't help but chuckle aloud at that one. :-) There is a group of riders out of my Mom's church... Riding for Jesus, I think. Great bunch of guys. Never quite thought of them as born-again hoodlums before! Too funny.

Anyway.... for me, I found that the pain was no worse off the meds. I still have pain, but unlike you, I no longer work and can take the time out when it hits to deal with it with rest and ice and heat and aspirin, etc. It was really hard for me to accept that there was no choice but to accept that my life was just gonna have to change. For me, if I stayed on the meds, I was going to die from the depression they were causing. To come off them meant I could no longer work as there was no other way to mask the pain. Darn vicious cycles sometimes.

I know that the working is helping chase away the depression a bit quicker and that is good. Not sure exactly what kind of work you do, except that there is a physical component to it. What's the possibility of other work in the company? Any chance of another kind of work all together (writing that with the knowledge that jobs are hard to come by these days). How close or far away are you from retirement? I guess last I wonder if it might have come to the point of filing for disability? Lord knows I didn't want to do that, but there just was no other reasonable choice left.

We will chat again. For tonight, I hope you are enjoying that cookout. :_)

To Harleys and Him

We conquer one battle just to face another sometimes, huh?

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