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Re: Time to quit pain meds but how to deal with pain without

We have an amazing group of people. And that was hooligans, although I really don't
precisely know what that means. Like me, the holy Ghost riders have come from
a past of sin and being lost to a life of living the life convicted by the holy spirit to be just what we claim to be. We sow seeds at bike rallies and pray for our fellow man. It would be a dangerous thing to have just one of us HG riders not be true to our cause. . We are watched pretty closely by the 1%'rs as we are allowed to be patched like an MC. Rockers etc. We don't judge or preach, but answer question and give our testimony if asked.
I work in a manufacturing company and work on the equipment. Robots, motors
and computers. Just so happens the plant I work in is in state of rebuild and total redesign. So that means the next 3 months will be very long days and very strenuous.
after the restart in feb. It will be more back to waiting for a breakdown and projects. Much easier work. If I can manage the coming months I can handle the rest. If not I can bid diffrent jobs although I am not. Management material so being maintenance is best pay I would take a cut almost anywhere I bid. But, that may be only option if I can't do the hours and work for next 3 months. Will see what the future brings
once I get through the side effects of stopping meds.