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Re: Persistent Flank Pain on Right Side

O.K, lets see if we can narrow this down even more. Is this pressure tenderness right on the tips and where the back lower ribs kinda turn out?

I think a million people would love to kiss you right now if it is, including me!

Most people have this on the right side. Some people will tell you gallbladder (and doctors remove it thinking this is whats causing the pain) when in fact the pain returns.

I can tell you, from everything you have stated so far, I have the same thing, but on the right. My Doctor has taken blood, urine, and I've had an expensive CAT scan w & W/O dye, only that I had several simple cysts no larger the 5mm in my right kidney.

My urine was another story. My protein was high (20), and blood was <2.0 (whatever this means). My pH, UA was 7.0. My Specific gravity, UA was 1.020 and limit is 1.035

I think "we" are narrowing this down for many folks including me. You and I seem to have the same exact symptoms.

One other question..I'm sorry for all this Cherley ...Does your left flank ache for weeks, then return 2/3 wks later????

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