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Re: Persistent Flank Pain on Right Side

I've had MRI's, ct's, ultrasounds and blood work. I had a neurosurgeon look at the tests and he found nothing. My blood works seemed to be fine. They have found nothing. I went to a pain management doctor and relief from the injections lasted for about a week. I drive a truck and I don't get home often and can't take muscle relaxers or pain pills on the truck. But it doesn't really matter because they didn't do much anyway. Ibuprofen does better for me. I take 4/ 2-3 times a day. I don't press on the tender spots. Actually the stretching from Yoga helps me a great deal, but if I turn or twist the wrong way it makes me yelp. This has been going on since July. The doctor said I had an inflamed muscle, but that seems like a long time for a muscle problem.

When we get back home, I'm thinking of going to a chiropractor. I really need to find out what this is.

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