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Re: Can sinus problems make your face tingle.

Yeah I know what you mean, my teeth get sensitive and my lip has started tingling sometimes too. Xanax helps some but it pretty much just makes me not care about the tingling. I hate the sinus pressure and feeling dizzy though. I dont have any discharge or runny nose, just swollen nasal passages and congestion like behind my eyes. I also have a little jaw pain but that may be associated with a wisdom tooth I had removed. It gets disconcerting for someone with anxiety issues anyways so im glad you responded so I know im not the only one. My GP doctor said it was sinus related and that he has heard people tell him about the tingling but he didnt know what caused it. I too had heard about the trigeminal nerve but really dont know that much about it. I had an upper GI done on friday and the dr said i had gastritis and duodenitis which is inflamation of the stomach so I dont know if acid is maybe causing the swollen passages or not, it is possible ive heard. Maybe someday i wont be so anxious about every little ache and pain.