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Re: Time to quit pain meds but how to deal with pain without

I can't say for sure, but when I came of oxy's (but i was snorting my 20's, usually 40mgs sometimes 60) it was definitely the addiction talking. I don't have the conditions you do, all I have is a fractured and dislocated pelvis, so I can't say for sure but... I'd talk to your dog a/b suboxone - it is a mild opiate that's not designed to control pain, but instead, keep you from having withdrawl. For the pain, I don't know of anything other than ultram during the day and flexoril at night... But you may need something like ambien, I can't say for sure... I've been hospitalized for 2 months and recovering for the next yr was hard, but not near as hard as the many many days/nights during my detox from opiates... But now I feel great and love sharing my story. Good luck!

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