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Re: Labrythitis, Menieres, BPPV?

I went to see my doctor today and he restored my faith in him. I told him all of the symptoms I have been having and how they are still going on and he came to his own conclusion that he thinks this is MAV. I was happy that he told me what he thought before I told him my own opinion on what this might be. He is setting me up for a CT scan as well as an appointment with a neurologist. At first he was thinking of sending me to an ENT but quickly changed him mind when I told him I had no ringing in the ears and didn't think it was Menieres.

The one thing he found surprising is that I have such crazy pain inside my ears, he had never heard of this before with MAV. Has anyone else been diagnosed with MAV and gets extreme pain, pressure, fullness and the feeling of water in their ears? I'd be interested to know if there are others out there.