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Help, my Mom is scaring us all!!

Hi, my name is Julie and this is my first post.

I thought I had quite a bit of knowledge converning Alzheimer's and Dementia...till it began happening to my own Mom. BTW, I am fully disabled now and am unable to be a caregiver to her-even if she would accept it and accept her deteriorating condition.

The real issue is not only her own denial, but my Dad's. She has become an almost evil person-causing pain, hurt and disruption in the entire family!! We all love her, but it is so very hard to take and deal with, again in light of the fact that my Father will not do anything!

I understand about POA, Guardianship, etc., but I also know that my Father is the only one who can make any decisions for her. In the case she becomes even more harmful and so forth, and my Dad refuses to do anything still, is there anything we (the remaining 3 in the area who will do anything) can do to intervene?

It is so hard to love and understand her behavior, as she has always exhibited the same type of behaviors, only more blunted and less frequently.

Any advice will be appreciated-and I also understand that it is only advice, not medical diagnosis or anything of the sort.

Please help!!


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