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Re: Help, my Mom is scaring us all!!

Thank you for your prompt reply.

We are not showing anger toward my Mother, and she is still able to bathe, dress, etc.
She is reverting back to childhood/early parenting roles; she is hoarding things, and she is paranoid and jealous and being very unkind in her words and attitudes. We have hidden all of our feelings about this from her.

I do not know if my Dad will step up and confront her doctors or anyone else. His whole pattern has been to be passive and subservient to her. He is not a strong man. She always has been-and still is-in control! The Matriarch.

It is a challenging situation, as circumstances have forced two of my siblings to move back home. Now, my Mom won't let them leave without an unholy verbal assault on everyone!!! I wanted my sister (she just lost her husband suddenly in his sleep two months ago) to move in with me, till she could get on her feet. We are so having to do this in a sneaky and quiet way-till she finds out. Then it's going to get ugly-again!

She is on Cymbalta, which may be the problem, as Bipolar Disorder runs in our family. She acts like she has Dementia, but also acts somewhat Manic. She would never admit to this, either.

Yes, I know exactly what you are makes perfect sense. The problem is, my parents do not! And her demeanor is affecting many others around her.

Maybe there are no answers right now; I don't know...