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Re: End stages of COPD and Hospice


Please have dad see another doctor. Or at least explain this to him (the doctor). With a diagnosis of end stage COPD Hospice WILL come in, no matter what. My mom's team has patients w/end stage COPD going on a year, even more; and they are not kicking them off. Hospice was the best thing for us. My mom (once she got used to the idea) even felt better having the nurse, aids and counselors come to her.

You could be involved in a power struggle w/dad's doctor because once the RN's get involved they (the nurses) talk to the doctor (and it still can be dad's doctor - and he can bill the Hospice account) with the family's approval, and set and change meds, treatments, etc... Perhaps dad's pulmonologist will call in the Hospice referral? My mom was 62 when she died. She was completely mobile until Easter Sunday of this year. She passed away the following Thursday. My mom was diagnosed with end stage COPD in February 2011. Her pulmonologist wanted to get her through the Christmas Holiday season with her family as she knew how much these days meant to her. So that meant she was hoping to give mom at least another 10 months. There is no 6 month timeline for end stage COPD patients with Hospice. Mom's pulmonologist called in the Hospice referral.

From my mom's experience she did not die because of breathing issues. She died of the symptoms caused by COPD. This is why Hospice is so beneficial. My mom began falling, hallucinating, going blind, not eating, loosing weight, and although Mom was living with me and my family we could not care for her 24/7. I'm assuming either will your mom be able to care for your dad. Call Hopsice yourself. Explain dad's diagnosis. They will come out.

Keep posting here. It helps with the mixed emotions.