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Re: Could this be an abdominal aortic aneurysm?

Originally Posted by manofgifts View Post
I have a history of anxiety, stress, depression. In January 2001, I had a painful stomach ache which doubled me over. I went to the emergency room and it was determined that I had a gall bladder problem. At the same time I was notified that I had an AAA "not bad but it needed to be watched. In March 2001 I had the gall bladder removed (no more stomach aches). I had the AAA looked at and it was larger than before so they continued to look at it (they say about 5 to 6 cm is "surgery time". Mine was less than that. In August of 2001, I had a heart attach and required a triple bypass surgery (heart is doing great now). Approximately 2 years later the AAA had grown rather fast and the surgeons were concerned. I had it repaired and did fine with recovery. NOW, 8 years later the AAA has reappeared (small) but it is there again. They are watching it very closely. Since all this started in 2000 I have had numerous surgeries from addominal hernia repair (twice). I have anurysims (sic) in both the illead arteries. I have a carotid that has been cleaned out and the other will have to be cleaned before too much longer.

I have had a few other procedures also that are not vascular.

My advice to you is to have that AAA watched closely. It is very serious if it bursts.

I hope this has helped.
Thanks for responding! I am so sorry about everything you've been going through and hope that you will feel better soon.

Since my post I had two other visits to the ER - on Oct. 16th and 17th. The first time I was diagnosed with abdominal pain due to something I ate, which wasn't true. The doctor orderered only abdominal xrays....that's it. The following morning I woke up with more pain and a fever, so I returned to the ER. This time they were more thorough (had a different doc too), and a ct scan was done.

I was told it looked like I had "free air" in my abdomen, meaning that I had a perforated bowel. So, that same evening (the 17th) I had emergency surgery and they found that there was no perforation, just that the bowel had gotten incarcerated in another hernia. The hernia was repaired, adhesions (many from what they told me) were removed, and since they were in there anyway, my appendix was removed.

No aneurysm, thankfully. But I am suffering through post-surgical pain and am having a heck of a time getting help with hygiene, adequate pain relief, etc.

Please keep in touch. I hope everything will work out for you!