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Re: Autistic male teenager w/ violent outbursts

Originally Posted by Kharr View Post
I have a 14 year old non-verbal autistic son, yesterday I was informed that he would no longer be able to ride the school bus because he is hitting and kicking the aids on the bus. He also is hitting other students and hitting at the window, so they are worried he will hurt himself or someone else. I did not realize how sever this had become until yesterday, and of course my husband is away for work.
His violent behavior has been growing, when he does not get what he wants he will hit me or my 12 year old son. It got to the point that I had to cut his nails very short, because he would try and dig his nails in my arm to try and hurt me. He has surpassed me in strength, I am worried one of these days he will hurt someone in my house.
I would greatly appreciate any useful advise I can get from anyone. What I am really saying is HELP PLEASE...
Have you ever brought him to a professional (neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc.)? If so, what did the professional recommend? I know it sounds like my question has an obvious answer, since you mentioned that your son is autistic, but was he diagnosed as being autistic by a real professional, or do you just suspect that he is autistic?