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Re: Very ill. Pls read my story (long)

Hi Denise,

I have a lot of symptoms in common with you and I too am overweight but I've lost 25 pounds and counting, and am eating a very healthy diet and now working out.

I too have more tests coming up and will keep in contact with you about those.

First, you can have gallbladder stones without them being seen in an ultrasound. I was taking a supplement for PCOS symptoms, when I began experiencing abdominal pain all over. It was defined to one area. An ultrasound revealed sludge, but no stones of any kind. From there on, I went to having diarrhea every other day. Then, it didn't matter WHAT I ate, even if I ate just fruits and veggies, I was having diarrhea. It sucked. It began to get clay colored, and like you, alternated between rock hard (small amounts) or diarrhea.
My primary doc was confused but didn't show much concern.
I went out to buy some herbs. I bought a gallbladder cleanse herb and a liver cleanse herb from Nature's Sunshine. Boom! It worked. It worked great! After not being "regular" for so long, I was finally back in business. I would highly suggest buying these, or at least looking up the reviews for them.

I have many of the similar symptoms and what both you and I have in common is stress and new medications in our system.

For the better parts of two months, I was having abdominal pain and was self-diagnosing myself over the internet. I hadn't visited in a doc for anything other than yearly required visits, in over 8 years.
So all of this pain and waiting on results was new to me. Very stressful on me, and I was having TONS of anxiety.

Every new symptom was having me research. Now that I have muscle twitching (I've ALWAYS had it to some degree, just more so now) and my left hand had some pain up the forearm and now my pinky and ring finger feel like they wanna be stuck together- I'm freaking out that it's ALS. But if I'm thinking LOGICALLY, which is rare for me with all of these symptoms, I've been freaking out over everything.

Before my current freakout of ALS, I was worried about the same chest pains that you are now having. I thought I had lung cancer or cystic fibrosis. Nope, it was just inflammation of the rib cage diagnosed as costochondritis (this is also a result of STRESS).

Then with my headaches, I was sure it was brain cancer or chiral malformation. Nope, a recent MRI with and without contrast shows it was clear.

Then I thought I had something terribly wrong with my heart (because of chest pains) and was even turning to Dr. Google to see how long I had to live without major heart surgery. An echo revealed that I have mild regurgitation and a touch of enlargement, but nothing too big. Considering that I haven't eaten well in a while, this was a blessing in disguise to get me off of my diet.

Then I thought I had MS because of my back pain, dizziness, muscle twitches, etc. That was clear by the MRI.

I too have had the liquid type feeling running through me, but it was through my neck and actually woke me up from sleep. I've seen 4 different docs and they don't even address that. They have no idea what it is.

Like I said, now my fears are on ALS or PLS, and I have an EMG scheduled for next week. The worst part is the waiting. Oh, the waiting is worse than anything.
Even though I know that ALS presenting without weakness and only with fasciculations is rare, I'm still paranoid. Nerve problems like mine with my ulnar nerve are usually not presented in ALS, but I'm still worried. I'm actually measuring my arms everyday and looking for new things. My husband has to beg me to get off the computer and go to bed.

Some days are better than others, then I will get a muscle twitch and there goes the day. Downhill at that point. Now, I've always got fasciculations/twitches, because I remember as a kid that I thought it was a bug trying to get out of me (cuz I could see it). But what is the first thing that gets brought up when you do a google search? ALS and MS. Yeesh. ALS is very rare, if you have a stadium of 100K people, less than 10 people will be diagnosed with ALS and here we both are, you having got over your fear, and me going through it now.

It blows.

I think a big part of it is stress. I haven't felt "normal" since mid-July. I know that doesn't seem like a long time, but it has seem like forever to me. I miss the good old days when I felt "normal". It has extremely reduced my quality of life. For a while there, I didn't leave the house. I was in so much pain. Now, I feel like those normal days with nothing wrong me, I took for granted.

Now, I'm experiencing bone and muscle pain. It's strange. The MRI revealed mild arthritis, but that was it.

My neurologist is also testing for autoimmune disorders.

The only thing in July and August that I had, were abdominal pains. It wasn't until the beginning of September, when I was on a medication for a UTI, that I developed SOME of my symptoms. I believe others are stress related.

The only thing I'm taking now, is an albuterol inhaler for asthma. I am trying to wean myself off of that.

All of this sucks, I know.

Sometimes, I just say whatever I have, it is what it is. I'm doing the best I can to get diagnosed, but I can't worry myself to death about it. That's easier said than done of course, but I try.

Also, you have to take control of your diet and exercise.

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